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I Am The Boy

I am the boy who has so much to say
I am the boy who says it my way
Not always proper, not always right
With my brain I must put up a fight
The words don’t come easy, they hide away
When I find them, some sounds go astray
It’s not ‘cos I’m stupid, it’s ‘cos I am me
I am the boy with verbal dyspraxia, you see
I have one desire, I have one wish
And that is that there was more awareness of this

  By Mikey Akers

Mikey's poem on a Verbal dyspraxia tee shirt
Mikey's Poem on a Dyparaxia Awareness tote bag
Custom made tote back with Mikey's poem on it. A donation of the sale will go to Mikey's cause. Prom
Mikey's Tee
A Tee with Mikey's poem on telling the world ''He's The Boy''
Mikey's Mug
Mikey's Poem on a mug. Every mug purchased a donation will be made to Mikey's cause, to raise awaren
Verbal Dyspraxia Mug
Mikey's poem on a Mug to help him promote awareness of Verbal Dyspraxia. A donation with be made to
Mikey's Poem on a mouse mat
Mikey's Verbal Dyspraxia Poem on a mouse mat